Parks and Recreation Recap: Animal Adoption Fair

At long last, we're back to Pawnee and the election that has riveted a nation. But first, let's check in on Tom and Ann, the relationship that has confused a nation. Ann gives us a clue as to why she's still with Tom as she walks Leslie through his apartment, which is tricked out with a constant cheese plate, a full shelf of coconut water, a thermostat always on 80 degrees, and blankets, blankets, blankets! Tom has what we call in the industry a "girl house."

Next time we see Leslie, she's accosting Councilman Pillner (an always excellent Bradley Whitford, whom you should go see in Cabin in the Woods) about how he's planning on cutting the budget by 8 percent. She lays it on thick, attempting to scare him with a picture of a young girl who is surely in for a future of tribal tattoos and barfing in hot tubs if not for the intervention of Parks Department programs. He decides to stay his hand, which I'm sure won't have any adverse effects…


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