Community Recap: Trapped in the Dreamatorium

Abed is … well, he’s a complicated character. As much as Community has a Pierce problem (still relevant one year later, as evidenced by "Kevin Please Come Over For Gay Sex"), it’s also got the opposite problem with Abed. Pierce is given little to do other than be a source of aggravation for the group, whereas Abed is the focal point — everyone bends to accommodate his every whim. They even went Claymation to support one of his delusions.

It makes sense that episode after episode would involve letting Abed run free, enacting My Dinner With Andre simulations for his own enjoyment: Dan Harmon most closely relates to Abed, or so says this excellent Wired profile from a while back. There is a point in which the show exists solely in Abed’s mind; and the characters, unable to stand up to an obviously wounded guy they so direly care about, gamely play along. Read More...


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