30 Rock Recap: You Are Being So Transvaginal

Last night, 30 Rock finally picked up the loose ends of several long-dangling plot points, bringing back Criss, teasing a return of Avery, and going back to Liz Lemon’s early season desire to have a kid. In the past, Liz’s urge to be a mother felt like a gesture toward real-world women’s issues. Like tons of nonfictional women, she worried about balancing her career goals with becoming a parent — something Tina Fey has famously managed in her own life.

But this time around, despite being haunted by the specter of Murphy Brown, the episode didn’t feel particularly political. The focus wasn’t on Liz as Everywoman, but Liz as idiosyncratic weirdo, fully mellowed into her quirks after six seasons and nearly ready to settle down with a guy who’s almost as big of an oddball as she is. Read More...



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