'Secret Circle' Recap: 'Crystal'

The Secret Sibling revealed! After a short hiatus, "The Secret Circle" returned to the airwaves last night with the show's biggest revelation since the return of John Blackwell. Isaac told Jake there was another Blackwell kicking around in his circle and "Crystal" wrapped up with Cassie Blake breathlessly coming to this realization about one of her friends: "You're my sister." Yep, the episode ended with those three words. And boy, was it powerful!

Throughout most of "Crystal," as the gang went on a quest to gather as many of the magical crystals possessed by their elder relatives as possible, all signs seemed to have pointed toward Faye. She does, after all, act like she's full of darkness. And early in the episode, as she rummaged through her house looking for a crystal with Melissa, she discovered her mother's journal, which dished all about a possible love affair with Cassie's dad back in the day. At one point she even threw herself in front of a speeding motorcycle (more on that later) in an attempt to trigger any latent dark magic within her. But the real Secret Sibling turned out to be somebody who used to fashion herself as the de facto leader of the crew (and keeper of their moral compass) until she spent most of "Crystal" wanting out: Diana! Read More...



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