'Vampire Diaries' Recap: 'Heart Of Darkness'

When I saw last night’s episode title, the loaded phrase "Heart of Darkness," I thought to myself: Self, is this episode going to be Conrad-esque? Novella-esque? Colonizing Africa-esque? And, of course, it was none of the above. The title merely referred to the darkness that exists in all of us, especially Alaric (whose alter-ego, if you remember, hid that white oak stake in an undisclosed location), and maybe Damon, who had an enlightening conversation with Elena about why he doesn’t always want to show people the good in him (because then people expect too much!), and also Stefan, who had to tap into his dark side to reach Alaric’s dark side, and I guess really everyone, because we could just keep discussing every character’s dark side, but I’d really rather get down to business. Or pleasure. I love how writing these is both! Read More...



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