'Touch': 'Lost and Found' proves why this show has staying power


The episode started with Martin's (Kiefer Sutherland) recurring dream of hugging the son who won't allow himself to be touched. This could have been just a poignant moment, but it ended up being a huge piece of the mystery. If you're not watching "Touch," you really need to start. This show keeps getting better and better and it actually fills a huge hole in television these days. At the winter press day in Pasadena, everyone introducing their shows made a big deal about how it was totally fine if you miss an episode. "Oh, this won't be like 'Lost,'" they said. The thing is, "Lost" was a phenomenon because you couldn't miss it. Most of the shows on television this season are easy to forget about. "Oh, I'll just watch the episode online later," you might say. They pile up on your DVR and get erased in a chunk when it gets full. "Touch" has...



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