Second Episode, Second Thoughts...

So, I've watched the second episode of series five two times in a row. Not even five minutes to breathe or grab a snack. Although I am rather hungry at this ungodly hour. Here's what I think:

This episode opens with some eerie monsters and small children. The perfect recipe for a fun and frightening evening. (And hopefully the Smilers will return in future episodes. I loved them.) Immediately after our super new titles we get Amy Pond, introducing herself.

I want to take a moment to discuss Amy Pond. I like her. I do. I *want* to like her, as well. But frankly, Karen GIllian is just not that good of an actress. I'm not saying she's bad, but she certainly isn't great. She's the first companion that I feel like I'm watching act. I feel like I'm looking at an actress pretending she's in space. Maybe I'm wrong, perhaps that's just Amy's personality but...

Speaking of her personality - she is one daring young lady. At one point Amy Jessica Pond pulls a bobby pin out of no where and begins to pick open a lock after proclaiming that she she, "just cant resist a Keep Out sign." Bold. Very Bold. Even Rose Tyler wouldn't have jumped in that deep. (Yet again, I see acting instead of Amy when she's talking about scottsh and the different ships). And indeed, not a Rose, Martha, or Donna would have solved the case that blatantly at the end. No matter how sure they were. The girl has a gross amount of spunk. I wonder how long she'll be around.

The Doctor himself proves loveable this week. He cares for children, forgets train of thought, and demands of his companion to say, "Weeeeee!" Matt Smith is filling up David Tennant's old shoes with every toe, nail, and fungus he can dig out of his bag. He also adds a very fierce edge to the Doctor that we may not have seen this intensely since the 9th doctor. When he proclaims, "No one has anything to say to me today!" I actually have nothing more to say to the Doctor. I'm a bit frightened of him. And least we not forget when he tells Amy never to make decisions for him. There was not a single bit of humor in his voice. Not a single hint of kindness. He meant what he said.

David Tennant's Doctor could and would and definetely went there, but we still always knew we would see that smile again. With 11, I'm not sure I've even seen the smile to begin with.

I've gotten long winded and off topic I think. B for the entire episode. Why? Because this world wasn't fully developed enough for me. I didn't really have a strong feel of the area as I did when Rose and 9 visited platform 5(?) in The Long Game/Bad Wolf. The episode felt really rushed and abrupt. And the build up with all the forgetting and voting felt wasted.

Honestly am I a completely bad person if I didn't care about that space whale at all?



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Apr 11, 2010 5:20PM EDT

My full review is at my journal, check it out if you like:

I'm not sure if I got what you meant with DT's Doctor and 11. Did you mean that 11 is more serious than 10 was?
The thing that bothered me the most was the unconvincing plot. They could have done so much better than this. I hope this isn't Moffat's regular writing style.
I have to disagree when it comes to the Doctors. I'm warming up to 11, I like him, but 10 was so much more. Given time, 11 may be just as awesome but in this episode he performed poorly, IMHO.

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Apr 11, 2010 5:31PM EDT

I meant that 11 is scary at times to me. Just really creepy. And David Tennant was a very warm doctor. And trust me,I'm Team Ten every day of the week.
I agree,both plots so far have not been that amazing and in reaing your review: EXACTLY, since when has the Doctor been on call. I mean, i know the Tardis has a phone because e would call Rose, but WHEN, really, WHEN IN TIME has anyone dialed up the Doctor. If thats the case people wouldnt be seding out broadcasts saying If you see the Doctor tell him to help us. They would phone.

Apr 11, 2010 7:45PM EDT

I have to agree on both of you as regards the plots. They weren't as thoroughly written as I would have liked to. However, as I said before, I'm growing to love this new man. He is not 10, granted, I definitely and utterly loved 10, but IDK... I can still see the Doctor in Matt Smith... Don't ask me how or why, I'm surprised myself. I was sure the kiddo was going to ruin the whole thing! But so far, so good! Let's hope he keeps on filling those huge shoes David Tenant left behind!!!
Amy Pond... I don't know, I am liking this companion a lot... Maybe she is overacting things, I'm not sure, I hadn't realised until you mentioned it, so now I'm gonna torture myself watching the episode again (oh, poor me, LOL!) But seriously, this girl's boldness is great! She seems to be a great convination of Rose and Donna! She's sweet, she's nice, she's bold, and to top it off, she's nosy! I think this companion definitely deserves a chance.
As regards the phoning... Well, I do believe the bigadier used to call the doctor when he was needed (Back in the old Who days, when the Doctor was working with UNIT, the Fourth Doctor definitely did -I'm watching those seasons now- And I'm pretty sure other doctors did too, I can't recall, I'd have to go over them as well) so maybe this is Moffat's way of showing he's going back to the roots of the show, even if this is a totall reboot of it.

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Apr 13, 2010 10:39AM EDT

One AWESOME thing another LJ user pointed out: When you take the Queen's name, Liz Ten, right, and you use a different letter to shorten her name, namely 's', then you get:
Lis Ten
Combine that with "Silence will fall" from episode one and you've got one amazing, subtle reference to the Big Problem, whatever it may be.
Okay, that's probably just a coincidence, but I think it's neat.
Also, did anyone else spot the Magpie Electronics Shop on the ship? LOL, that's a nice treat for us obsessive fans.

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Apr 13, 2010 10:41AM EDT

NOOOOO!!! THere was a magpie electronics!! *runs to rewatch immediately*
And that Listen thing is so far-fetched it may be plausible.

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