Movie Review: The Ruthless Precision of The Moth Diaries

Mary Horron is nothing if not brave. The Moth Diaries seems like it would easily lend itself to all sorts of Twilight-y garishness or horror movie jolts: It’s a tale about a girls’ boarding school where the strange newcomer may just be a vampire. But in Harron’s hands the film becomes a tale of suggested horror and creeping identity, where coming of age is almost as scary as supernatural creatures that go bump in the night. It’s icy and exacting and makes your skin crawl, and you’re never quite sure why.

Thanks in part to the original template of Dracula, most vampire stories are tales of obsession, and this one is no different, only the obsessives this time are mainly mortals. Rebecca (Sarah Bolger) is a depressed teen whose sole lifeline seems to be her best friend and fellow student Lucie (Sarah Gadon). When an eerie looking new girl, Ernessa (Lily Cole), moves into the dorm, Lucie starts to develop a seemingly unhealthy, Renfield-like fixation on her. In turn, so does Rebecca, who both fears for Lucie and fears for what may happen to herself in Lucie’s absence. Ernessa also seems to have a strange interest in Rebecca, whose writer father committed suicide and whose memories of him and his death start to become more and more intrusive. Read More...


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