The Weeping Angels and the Use of Ellipsis...

Am I the only one that screamed a very loud four letter word at the end of this episode? Good. Because this was Doctor Who done right.

We fnally got the pacing correct! I cared about this episode from start to finish. As River Song gives her entrance with a wink at the security cameras and a wonderful abuse of the written language of Gallifrey, I fell in love with her all over again. She. Is. The. Baddest. Give her some rap lyrics and I'll believe every verse. I'm so interested in everything about a future marriage between herself and the Doctor and I love the tension that provides as the younger Doctor tries to deal with someone that knows all his tricks and everything about him. She can fly the Tardis for Pete's sake. (Hey! Pete has a double meaning here! My nerd power is strong!) And she's not jealous of every companion she meets! Bonus!

And the Angels! If you were thinking that Angels would be less frightening the second time around, you've been thinking untrue thoughts. I like fear. I love the Angels. We even got a few new rules this episode. 1. Any image of an Angel will become an Angel. 2. Do not look an Angel in the eye. (The stone dust that leaked from between Amy's fingers was just plain eerie and disgusting. I like being disgusted.) 3. They can inhabit peoples voices. I'm not sure how much of Bob's voice was his and how much was the Angel's so I'll have to do my rewatch soon. Also, 4, the Angel's can deteriorate! Plus two points for that wonderful build up about the two headed creatures.

Lets also throw in plus four points for the magnificent bite the Doctor gave Amy's hand, and also that cute little nose-to-hair thing he did to her. While we are awarding points, I can't help but hand five points to the writer for having a head soldier also be "Father". Yes! "The church moved on" The Doctor says. GOD DAMN thats good. Excuse my language father. Oh and three points seperately for 1, Amy picking on the Doctor fulfilling River's request to be soniced and 2, "Sweetie I need you!" I'm so excited for this marriage.

A+ for the episode, and A+ for making me this excited to see next weeks episode. This show creates so many pockets that can be cashed in later. River Song is an amazing one. And hopefully the Doctor's Daughter will return soon...? She's just one of many.

To be continued? Ellipsis...? I'll have some of both please.


Apr 25, 2010 10:37PM EDT

Ok, I for once liked this episode so much that I was gonna do a review myself, but as usual, Erika, u took the words out of my mouth, well, my brain actually, lol! So I'll just comment on ur amazing review.This time, I took some notes when I watched the episode for the 2nd time, so plz, bare with me, they ain't in order, and I really don't feel like ordering them, so I'll just copy paste what I thought while watching, hehehe!
Ok, so Old High Gallifreyan, that definitely got my attention. As far as episode beginning goes, this one was superb! I was't really sure about the episode this week, since last week's was kind of a bummer in my opinion. But the way they started, with the Home Box, the museum and River Song... Oh, my! That's the kind of Doctor Who stuff I love! And OMG, did you see Amy's face when River fell on top of the Doc? It was priceless! Don't get me wrong, I love Amy so far, but it was high time this gal got some competition! hehe.Speaking of Old School Gallifreyan language... OMG, the Doctor and River must certainly have had it going back in the day (or in the future... Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey stuff makes my thoughts get mixed up!) I mean, we know she's an archaeologist and all, but she definitely knows how to call the man's attention! And geez! I know I was moaning last week about Matt's Doctor needing the girl to save the day, but when River literally showed him how to run his own TARDIS, I was like "Woot Woot! Go girl power!" And the "YOU leave the breaks on" comment, I'm still laughing my gutts out! They really look like a married couple now, I didn't get that feeling when we first met River... I thought she was a bluff! But when this episode starts... Oh boy, this girl really knows our doc! And he running away from her... THAT's what I'm talking about! He's doing just the same thing he did with Jack... Something impossible happens, he tries to run away! I mean, this episode's beginning was AMAZING! And note to self: If I ever decide to write a journal, it's definitely gonna be just like River song's diary! I can't believe I had forgotten about it!*** Now what is she hiding, seriously? Is she really going to be his wife at some point or what? I know there is something fishy about this gal... But I like her so far! Even if she is going to betray him at some point... Or maybe no... Bleh, u never know with these guys!Now to the episode! I just gotta say, just the way it happened in blink, I found myself not blinking throught the entire episode! My eyes were burning, but I just couldn't help myself, I needed to remind myself blinking was OK (or wasn't it? LOL) And I'm glad to say, I didn't feel this was a bad rerun of "Blink" whatsoever, on the contrary, it was just as good, or maybe a bit better, cuz you know, we knew about the angels already.Back to River Song... What do you guys think she's hiding? I mean... I'm all for the "she's my future" thingie. But, were my first guesses right and back in "Silence in the Library" she was just a bluff, or was she really his wife at some point? Like... They seem to get along just like a real married couple in this episode, but when Amy asks what's the doctor like, she just says "Oh well, he's the doctor" So maybe, she doesn't know him at all, and he's only an object of study to her or something!The angels... I mean... what can I say... They were just as scary! I love the angels! Only thing I can kinda object to is that it wasn't really clear to my why they were all angels. I know it's explained in the episode... but it was kinda blurry. Or maybe I was just too excited about this episode being so cool I didn't pay that much attention, hahaha!All in all, this episode gets an A! Finally some really cool stuff going on, the timing, the relationships between characters, everyting was tops! And I love the fact they put some mystery into River's character. And her wit! You gotta love her.*** I'm absolutely sure the spoilers in the diary are gonna make us cry eventually

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Apr 25, 2010 11:01PM EDT

Erika! I love your wordiness. And you. Lets both write ne next week and comment the hell out of eachother?
1. YES! And she was all, "DOCTOR!" and he's all "RIVER" and it's just perfect because I think thats what Amy wishes she could be like to the Doctor but she doesnt know enough.2. I keep a journal everyday and I want that journal bad. If I had it, I would write the days all out of order i the book just to lie to myself. And be a geek. lol.3. I definetly think that they are married, I jut dont think that she is all good. She may have been a con artist or something? You're right though, what if she has just studied up on everything and this is all a bluff. I want more of her! And how many times does the Doctor change i mean DAMN. I want to know how many pictures she has. And who took these pictures!4. I couldnt not blink! I suck. For some reason I keep lecturing myself about how I need to if these Angels are going to appear! Haahahaha!

Apr 26, 2010 10:47AM EDT

K, I will definitely write next review, lol!
I read somewhere Time Lords used to have 13 regenerations, but with Sci-Fi and this particular Time Lord, I don't know, I hope it's more like 13000! LOL As for the pictures, remember the first episode in the 2005 series? The doctor shows up in several pictures, when Rose goes up to the geek's house (and Mickey thinks he's a serial killer) he shows him pictures of the doctor (9th in that case) with peeps who didn't go aboard the Titanic!
I'm not sure about River Song... I'm starting to think she hasn't even married him! She seems to be quite mischievous, so the con artist theory seems quite decent.

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Apr 26, 2010 6:47PM EDT

Review at the usual place: <
I also loved this episode, they gave Amy some suprisingly good lines! Can't wait for the next episode!
This one was suspiciously lacking of obvious cracks, though. Did you catch any?
Also, did they at any point say why Amy might not be able to remember the Daleks?

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Apr 27, 2010 9:44AM EDT

From Bukab's review:"I'm overjoyed now, because I suddenly found the Doctor again. I was all doubtful about him for the last three episodes, but now it just went „click“ and I'm like of course he's the Doctor! How could I have missed that? He's been there all along and I just couldn't see. But he's there, and he brilliant and funny and smart and loving and everything else the Doctor should be. "
I agree wholeheartedly. I was watching Season 4 last night, and David Tennants voice came on and for the FIRST TIME EVER I said, "Who is that?" And then a half second later I was like, "BLASPHEME!!!!!!!!" (Nerd joke. Daleks). Because for the first couple episodes I would reference back to those seasons and visit my real Doctor. But finally the Doctor is the Doctor is the Doctor. You know?
And also, in one of my other reviews or maybe on twitter, I said the same thing. Karen Gillian is *not* a good actress. But just like Hollywood, if you LOOK good...
And yes, Sacred Bob IS win

Apr 27, 2010 4:49PM EDT

I'm starting to realise what you mean as regards her acting... However, I'm totally in love with the character, so let's just give her time to settle on it and maybe, just maybe, she'll end up being brilliant!

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May 2, 2010 11:46PM EDT

Am I the only fool that watched this alone in a dark room (and got quite creeped out when the image of an Angel became one)?
I never thought I'd accept another Doctor after DT, but I admit this team is doing a great job. And I might even like Amy better than Rose. The introduction of her character certainly brought back pleasant memories of the girl in the fireplace. I'm not quite sure what the complaints are about her acting, but I am a sucker for a pretty face. I'm glad I am though - it was Rose that first got me watching the Doctor (w/ Christopher Eccleston).

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