Supernatural Preview: The Winchesters Meet Felicia Day!

Ghosts the were focus of this week's all new Supernatural.  The boys headed to a small town to meet an old hunter friend named Annie, who wanted to give them some of Bobby's old books.  But she ended up getting killed while investigating a haunted house.  The boys eventually headed to the house hoping to find Annie working a case, but what they eventually found was Bobby, who was finally able to communicate with them after getting some advice from the other ghostly inhabitants.

By the end of the episode the Winchesters were able to salt and burn the bad ghost and they even saw Bobby.  But Dean, in particular, doesn't believe Bobby made the right choice to stay behind, preferring, instead, that he have chosen to spend eternity at peace in Heaven. Read More...

Felicia Day will be making a guest appearance as a hacker named Charlie in the April 27 episode.  Dick Roman approaches her with Frank's hard drive and tells her she has 48 hours to crack it before she's fired.  The Winchesters race to intercept her while Bobby tries to help the boys take down Roman, but his anger at Dick threatens his plan.

Watch a preview below for the April 27th Supernatural and take a browse through our newest slide-show for the show: Best Performance by an Inanimate Object.

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Supernatural Preview: The Winchesters Meet Felicia Day!


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