Why We Want To Hate Him, And Why We'll End Up Loving It

The last series ended with an overdose of our beloved David Tennant. We got to see him say goodbye in so many ways, and in a way that Christopher E. did not. That puzzled me. And now I know why.

We are being hit with the total and complete NEW. There is a new Doctor,a new companion, a new Tardis, and even a new Sonic Screwdriver. In a way, this *is* a new show. I think that we were getting to a point where there was nothing left to do with the characters that we had (We all loved Rose, but if she had another guest appearance we just wouldnt care anymore.) and no way to further supplement the tenth doctor. (With Donna gone, we were starting to have trouble pairing him, and seeing him with other people). The new writers needed a way to start fresh as David T. left, and the only way to do so was to go completely fresh.

Now that I have been mature, it's time to whine (Just a little). I spent half this episode wishing this was the tenth doctor speaking these lines. He would have been fantastic. I spent the other half spotting every difference and sitting near tears over each one.

Here's why Matt Smith is sort of hateable: On an older man, we respect that type of wisdom and bragging when the Doctor proclaims his brilliance. He's a grown man, it MUST be true. However, on the lips of a 20 something, it feels like he's a know it all. We don't trust him. It feels like he thinks he's better than everybody else. And to quote another sidereel membr, he just doesnt have that adorable factor. He actually seems a bit creepy.

BUT, we will love him. I know we will. We deep down already do. Why? Because he's the doctor. Plain and simple. And we love Doctor Who. We will watch once a week, and we will love every episode. And soon, we will love him. Admittedly so.

One more thing, about this smoking hot companion: She feels like a good mix of Rose Tyler and Donna Noble, So I think Amy Pond and I just may get along too. After all, I would stand my future husband up for the Doctor any day. Wise Choice, new, sucky-til-proven-cool companion. Wise choice.

A- for the whole episode.



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Apr 9, 2010 3:07PM EDT

Noooo i cant accept this new doctor he is not the old doctor lol im still immature as you can tell lol simply put hes to young to display a man full of wisdom

Apr 9, 2010 3:17PM EDT

Good point on the amy pond hotness factor, i get it they are english and there is not exactly a surplus of hotties walking about but sweet jesus donna really? now weve got the sas and the sex and i love it. also i remember when david started out and i couldnt stand him it just takes time and the love will flow.

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Apr 10, 2010 4:09PM EDT

I know! I screamed and screamed and said I was only going to buy season one and that was it. And then I called David Tennant all sorts of ugly names and said his face was goofy and he would NEVER be my Doctor
...and then I fell in love. Haha!

Apr 10, 2010 9:40PM EDT

I went into the first episode with the same skepiticism as all Dr. Who fans..."Who is this infant, and why did his parents let him play with a sonic screwdriver?" But after the premiere episode I have to say, I truly do believe we will like this doctor. It seems that Moffat (the new writer) wants to incorporate the Doctor's past more in this new Doctor, and I like the idea. David Tennant was great, he was..well, brilliant. But it was getting to the point where the Doctor was losing that sense of humor that kept him going all these centuries and well it's that sense of humor that makes the doctor..well The Doctor. This kid has the talent, he's got the quirkiness, and I think he has the potential of being a great doctor. Let's give him a shot. I know I will.

Apr 10, 2010 10:18PM EDT

I have to totally agree on what you are saying. I was so absolutely ready to hate this new Doctor. However, after watching the first episode in the series, I had to kind of remind myself I was determined to hate him... Luckily I failed! I believe this kid is gonna be amazing, and I'm absolutely positive that Moffat will do and incredible work with the show. As for Amy, I love her already! I know she is not Rose or Donna, and luckily (don't stab me) she is not Martha! And even if they do make this new companion romantically oriented, i don't think I wouold mind that much... I mean, she's not Rose... But it is being written in such a brilliant way that u kinda feel sorry for her already... She's been waiting for the doctor for her whole life, literally... She's at the Sarah Jane level already, and she didn't even have to work her butt out to do so... It's like, idk, when she joins as companion, she knows what she's getting into, she's more like most of us, Who fans... Moffat is a genious in that way! I mean, who hasn't been waiting for years for the Doctor to show up in your front stoop and take you on adventures? I think Amy's gonna be a great companion for all those kids who grew up watching the doctor; and not, as I feared, towards those teens who think Dr. Who is outdated!

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Apr 11, 2010 12:21AM EDT

The 11th doctor already is it, Hmmm not the 3rd does anyone think back to the classic series when Peter Davidson took over from Tom Baker now that was tough, Baker was an icon of the show for 8 years and remains today as the favorite version to many, like myself, but Davidson took over as the doctor back then in a very similar situation we have now with Matt Smith. He's younger and people loved the last incarnation so much its hard to see him as anyone else, but Matt seems to take to the role very well after the second episode I'm already used to him as the doctor and think he'll get on well in the role. How about Colin Baker's doctor that was a complete failure, a terrific actor but his version wasn't likable, great stories that never worked because he was the doctor. McCoy, who was a mix of Pertwee and Davidson never could recover the show, and it failed after a few seasons. We simply won't see that with Matt he's really likable in the role like Davidson was, different but likable.The change in writers is what I'm looking forward to, I agree Moffat is a genius, the shows he's written for Tennant were my favorites of his I'm looking forward to this seasons episode no matter who the doctor is. (Bad Wolf meet the Crack see that)Amy Pond is my favorite new companion in the new series not only is she hot, but very complicated. she's been waiting for the doctor to comeback for 14 years and now she's getting married tomorrow cool concept absolutely loved the young version of her too, " Know what I think this crack must be pretty scary" great way to start off.Looks like there is a lot of good stuff going on this season I'm betting by the end of Matt will fill those big shoes just fine.

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Apr 11, 2010 2:30AM EDT

@Jefurli I think after watching episode two I realized I was doing the exact same thing that @eriludar said. I was determined to hate Matt Smith. I was determined to find something wrong with 11. And as this episode progressed, I realized that I actually like him. Alot. He still doesn't feel old enough for me when he says he's the Doctor, but I can not help falling in love with this man. He is pretty amazing. He's got a great energy with some snark and it works beautifully. For some reason I keep waiting for a Rose reference. But I'm letting that go too.
@Neverhere I need to do some classic Doctor Who watching to understand most of what you said. But I'm doing it! I just started at the very first doctor a couple of days ago. Wish me luck!
I think I want to review the second episode and share some thoughts on Amy Pond. Hope to see you guys there!

Apr 11, 2010 8:24PM EDT

I really agree a lot with what you have to say. I think that for so many of us D.T. will always be our Doctor and there is nothing wrong with that. The producers had to make so many changes because otherwise it would be that much harder to accept Matt Smith as the Doctor. If he was walking around with the same companions, TARDIS and screwdriver, it would be much easier to compare him to D.T. and find him lacking. We just have to keep in mind that this is a new Doctor and learn to like him for who he is and not hate him for who he's not.

Apr 11, 2010 10:00PM EDT

I'm still at the "I hate you, David Tennant! Why did you leave us?" part of the grieving process, so I might be able to accept Matt Smith a bit more easily...LIES! I want 10 back!!! Hahahaha! Though I'm really liking 11th... Oh, well... I guess I just have to move on! :P

Apr 12, 2010 12:17AM EDT

Oh! And another thing: I somehow can still see a part of 10th in 11th, which was not the case in 10th. I mean, when he regenerated, he didn't seem, in my opinion, the same person. I loved 9th, but 10th was somewhat different, even though I loved DT from the beginning. As for other regenerations... Well, 9th was totally different from 8th, 8th was somewhat similar to 7th... Meh, I'm not gonna count backwards because I think I made my point. I mean, Matt Smith's doctor has some, no many, he has many traits that he inherited from David Tennant's doctor, and I think that's gonna be a great thing, it will help us accept the character a bit more, idk... just a thought.

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Apr 13, 2010 10:28AM EDT

Very well said EliseB2. Which is why for most of that first episode I couldnt let go of David Tennant. He was wearing all the same clothes and handling his sonic screwdriver, so I couldn't hold back my comparisons. Now I'm fully able to see Matt SMith for what he himself has to offer.
Eriludar I just laughed out loud! I feel your pain. I racked up enough courage to finally change my desktop background to 11 and amy the other day. I feel current. (Although that giant DT poster isnt moving at all.) And I see what you're saying. A couple of the words that Matt says feel like they are actually IN David Tennants voice.
I like you goes. We should add eachother on social networks. LOL!

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Apr 13, 2010 10:31AM EDT

Oh, I haven't admittedly watched all the old Doctor-series (I'll do that once I'm done studying, promise!), but I truly feel as though Ten was my Doctor and always will be. I loved Nine as well but Ten is/was special.
But I agree ErikaSimpson22. I will love Eleven, because I love the Doctor. I can't help myself, nor do I want to, so that means I will love Eleven as well.
@EriLuDar: Oh yeah, I know all about that grieving-stage. I recently watched the TEOT Confidential and found myself crying again. I've succesfully regressed back to the pain/hate stage. But it'll be gone by Sunday, which will be the day I can watch DW again. :)

Apr 13, 2010 5:11PM EDT

@ErikaSimpson22 we totally should... the thing is, how do you send PMs on this thing? Haha!
I also found this site, a friend of mine actually did. It's a site where you can post post-its, and someone made this special one to discuss Dr. Who's episodes this season, it's quite cool, if you're a geek like me, LOL. Only drawback, its annonymous, so no one knows who said what unless you post your name :P

Apr 13, 2010 5:33PM EDT

@Bukab I haven't seen most of the old series either, just bits from here and there. I'm currently trying to finish watching the 4th doctor, which is, in my opinion the best one from the old series (I've watched a couple of episodes of all the others) Once I'm done with him, I guess I'm gonna go back and watch the 2nd, I've seen almost nothing of him. I just mentioned the old series because of the phone issue. But I do understand you... I can barely keep track of all the series I want to watch, so it's kinda hard to keep myself current and also watch ALL of the old series of the show!

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Apr 15, 2010 2:09AM EDT

Eriludar! And we ar both namd Erika! My twitter is Twitter.com/plain_janie and facebook is facebook.com/erika.j.simpson! FINNND MEEE!!

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