Fringe 4.19 "Letters Of Transit" Review

As I’m writing this, my vision is a little blurry from the left-field suckerpunch that Fringe delivered with Friday night’s "Letters of Transit." If you aren’t reeling from a bit of future shock, you probably didn’t watch the same episode. There’s so much packed into this episode that it’s impossible to tease out all the nuances after just one viewing: it’s remarkably telling that Leonard Nimoy’s surprising return to the show somehow wasn’t what people were most fixated on. Fringe constantly makes us consider cause and effect, the ripple effects of actions that we could never foresee. This has been demonstrated on countless occasions, from Walter’s crossing over in 1985, to Peter’s initialization of the machine, to September’s choices to interfere with the timelines. The bald enigma lurking in the background has, from the pilot, been a source of mystery and debate. This mystery only deepened when it was revealed that there were in fact multiple Observers, and Friday night's episode once again turns everything we know about them on its head. Read More...


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