'Veep' premiere: 'It speaks to bigger truths ... [that] apply to both sides,' says star Matt Walsh


"Veep" premiered Sunday night on HBO, a new workplace comedy that just happens to be set in the Vice President's office. Julia Louis-Dreyfus is Vice President Selina Meyer, who is surrounded by a quirky band of cohorts. Zap2it spoke with Matt Walsh, who plays Selina's press secretary Mike McClintock, about how the office of Vice President is an interesting dichotomy of a rather silly job but at the same time, one heartbeat away from a very serious job."It's kind of like - nobody aspires to be Vice President," says Walsh. "But at the same time you're so close to being the most powerful person in the world, you can't turn it down.""I think it must be tough - you can't really have your own agenda. You're constantly serving what the President wants," he continues. "So you might have to put down your tax cutting ideas and go get your picture taken at a pie-eating contest."When...



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