Season 3, Episode 1 - "Reversals of Fortune", What did you think?

Season 3 is finally here! What did you think??? And what does everyone think of Serena and Carter? Cute or a horrible couple? I honestly don't like them together very much...I think it's because of what Carter has done in the past is what really makes me feel iffy against their relationship. And what does Scott want? Is he wanting to be accepted into the family so he can get their money? Or is he really just an innocent guy who wants to get to know his real father? And was it obvious to you what Serena was trying to do? For me, it was obvious. I mean, why else would she want to keep taking pictures of herself for a certain someone they kept mentioning? Do you guys think that Serena's dad will ever show up on the show? Or will he remain "anonymous" forever? Oh and how could I forget Blair and Chuck? I love them together but do you guys think that they'll stay together for long? I think they'll stay together. I mean, at first I honestly thought Chuck was cheating on Blair but the "game" they play seems..kinda normal? Ever seen 4 Christmases?


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Sep 15, 2009 8:41PM EDT

I hate seeing Carter and Serena together, the whole time during the scene in the woods I was like "NOOO!!!". I would like to see Carter become infatuated with Blair while trying to take down Chuck. Don't get me wrong, I love Chair, they are awesome together. I just want to see a little angst and drama thrown in. I honestly thought Chuck was cheating too, and then they revealed their little "game". I don't think that is going to last long, I don't see Blair putting up with it, I see her as a strong character, so seeing her give into something she doesn't want to do for Chuck's benefit really gets me. On a good note for Chuck though, he seemed like he is going to take her feelings into consideration, which shows that he does really care about her! Yay!
As for Scott, I think he just wants to get to know his father. He might be angry at him at first, but after he finds out that Rufus had no idea about him up to a few months ago I see them becoming really close. How do you think Dan will feel about this though? Hmm....
And Serena... ugh, I am so sick of her already. She's always doing something to get attention, be it from her father or some guy, it really annoys me. I am over her.
And on a side note.. I don't like Vanessa, she should have realized that Dan is going through a hard time with his family at the moment and give it a rest. She needs to get over it.

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