Game of Thrones Preview: Daenerys Focuses on Her End Goal Again

This week's Game of Thrones showed us the depth of Joffrey's cruelty.  When he was stopped by Tyrion from brutalizing Sansa for Robb's victories in the North, he ordered one prostitute to hurt another.  It seems there is little the Lannisters can do to really contain Joffrey's temper and sociopathic tendencies.  Meanwhile, Daenerys and her entourage arrived at Qarth, but they weren't exactly welcomed with open arms.  The ruling members of the city were far too interested in seeing her dragons than welcoming her khalasaar into the city and it took intervention by Xaro Xhoan Daxos to get them entrance. 

The Baratheon brothers met to discuss a truce at Catelyn's urging, but the brothers didn't seem too eager to concede to one another.  And Melisandre proved herself even more mysterious when she went with Davos to a cove and gave birth to some sort of strange shadow monster. Read More...


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