The Big C Review: Bundles of Joy

It takes a lot to overshadow an Oscar winner, but Cathy Jamison's announcement to conclude the latest episode of The Big C almost made me forget that Susan Sarandon even appeared on "Bundle of Joy."

Another baby? Really?!?

It can't be said that Cathy isn't embracing the joyful lessons espoused by Ms. Joy Kleinman, especially the part about leaving your baggage behind and focusing on the future, but I'll ask again: a baby? Really?!?

We're obviously a long way from greeting the actual tyke, but even entertaining such a notion seems a bit selfish on Cathy's part. She isn't 100% cancer-free, Paul isn't even permitted to jump while dancing. It's hard to see these two being model parents these days - or, to be brutally honest, it's hard to even see them both being around until the child's middle school graduation. Read More...


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