Game of Thrones: Garden of Bones - A Novel Approach

Would anyone have had so much disrespect for Catelyn Stark to send Littlefinger to her baring Eddard Stark's bones? Not in George R. R. Martin's written series "A Song of Ice and Fire" they wouldn't. That's just one of the differences encountered this week. Check out some more below and be sure read the official TV Fanatic "Garden of Bones" review by Matt Richenthal.

Sana got off lightly
While we witnessed some pretty wicked field surgery while her brother, Robb, was at war, completely at the whim of the screenwriters, they highly lightened the sentence that Sansa suffered at the hands of her "love" Joffrey. Not only was she more severely beaten in the novel, she was also smashed over the head with a melon in an attempt by her own man to humiliate her rather than hurt her, thus saving her from Joffrey's wrath. Read More...


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