The Killing Review: Who's Your Daddy?

Life is filled with its conflicts, disappointments and failures - and The Killing grips onto them with its rain soaked fingers and refuses to let go. It prefers to illustrate characters digging their way back to the top, searching for redemption and purpose amidst the never-ending hunt for Rosie's killer, even if at times the world they live in throws them another shovel to deepen their own holes.

Yet if Rosie's killer is eventually discovered, and we might find ourselves satisfied, will Stan? Will Linden? Will any of the characters' be able to smile again? Live again?

For Stan and Mitch, it seems as if coping is the only mechanism that could be used during their time of grief. I can't imagine losing a child and the many effects it would have on my life; clearly for both Larsen parents, it's influenced their day to day in drastically different ways. Read More...


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