Girls Recap: Sex Problems

I wonder if Girls is starting to feel some pangs of envy for initially underappreciated shows like Friday Night Lights and every other series that had to fight tooth and nail to get any attention. A week after the show’s premiere, Twitter is still abuzz with fans and haters alike, all of whom are screaming their opinions on the still nascent series. Relax, everyone. It’s supposed to be funny. Girls is not supposed to represent All of Personhood, and it isn’t trying to. It’s a half-hour comedy on HBO. Take three episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm and call me in the morning.

This second episode starts in flagrante, with Hannah and Adam naked in his bed. (Is it wrong that my first thought was, Oh good! He has a bed!). Adam talks dirty to Hannah about her being an 11-year-old with a Cabbage Patch lunch box and she doesn’t have an orgasm, which is not surprising. If the blog commenters of the universe want something to complain about, I hope they choose this, the all-too-real depiction of how young women often put off their own sexual pleasure in favor of pleasing their partners. Let’s complain about that, people!Hannah is not "into" this role-playing dirty talk, but she takes it in playful stride. When she says "I almost came," Adam doesn’t even flinch. Can we start some kind of tally so I can keep track of how often I want to punch him? Read More...


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