Humpfree family reunited. (spoilers)

As all of you know, Little J went all wild since she met Angus her model friend. Seems like all Jenny wants is to be a fashion designer in New York City. At first she puts up a fashion show at the Bass's award party. I thought it was wild but not all wild. Then she gets busted by and takes her to a police officer which I thought was shocking. Suddenly Jenny runs away. She's gone to live with angus and create her own fashion line. Rufus is furious but Dan is actually calm if you think about it. Then theres the whole Nate thing between him and Jenny. I knew that Nate and Jenny could never be together in any way either than friends. Jenny and Angus have some appointments with companies. Angus and Jenny plan to test them out by having little fits to see which company is the one they should go for. Jenny is pissed that they have to act like their fighting to see how the agent will respond. Finally Jenny to decides to put up a meeting again to the same company as before but without Angus. Angus is mad about and actually burns Jenny's designs which I thought was horrible and tells her to get out of her apartment. Then that thing happens where she wants to divorce her parents because they won't sign the contract. Eric actually sneaks her into his house at night so that she has a place to stay. Rufus finds out and Lily does too. Then of course they REUNITE. How many people thought she would reunite with her family or keep going their way? I thought that she actually wouldn't come back. Since she done all these wild things with the fashion show, running away and even trying to start her own clothing line. I thought that she wasn't going to come back.

but what do you people out there think?


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