The Killing Recap: The Timely Cell-Phone Ring

Honestly, at this point with this show, I’m just trying to understand basic logistics. I can’t even tell whether the clean structure of its initial premise (each episode takes place over the course of one gray, rainy day and night) is still in place. Last night’s episode spanned more than 24 hours if we’re going by the mumbo jumbo police explanation that Linden’s new boss, Duck, gave for why they had to let their No. 1 suspect go.

One of the things I liked about last season, at least in the beginning, was that Holder and Linden always had a clear agenda for their day. As forced as the Linden moving to Sonoma plot was, it at least helped lend a sense of urgency to every hour. She always had a full to-do list's worth of tasks to accomplish — interview dead-end suspect, tune out the sexual tension between her and her smoldering partner, neglect son — before she was allowed to miss her plane. Now that that story line has been abandoned (along with Linden and Jack and Alexi and Terry and Rod and Tod and Richmond and that new runaway girl because that was clearly the theme of last night’s episode), the character’s game plan is just completely out of whack. It also doesn’t help that the police force seems annoyed that Holder and Linden continue to insist on working this case. Maybe that’s because when they hired Holder it was to replace Linden and so now they have to pay twice the salaries than originally intended? How exactly does that work anyway? There’s just this pervasive sense of no one being in charge of these two anymore and it’s running in parallel with the feeling that not that many people on the other side of the television screen are watching them either. Read More...


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