Mad Men 5.06 "Far Away Places" Review

Mad Men has used the drug counter-culture of the 1960s in previous episodes and "Far Away Places" takes this a step further by adding LSD into the mix. The trippy qualities this week don't just come from the drugs that are consumed and the same day is played out three times; from Peggy (Elizabeth Moss), Roger (John Slattery) and Don's (Jon Hamm) point of view. Each character experiences facing 'truths' whether it is ones that are aided by drugs or not and things that seem ok on the outside have a habit of not being that way under the surface; something that Mad Men is so good at conveying.

Starting with Peggy who begins her day searching for some candy that she believes to be a good luck charm and an argument with Abe (Charlie Hofheimer) and it all goes downhill from there. Despite giving another excellent pitch for Heinz, Raymond (John Sloman) is once again not satisfied with the work. Instead of doing what is expected of a woman, Peggy fights for her pitch in a way that if Don did there would be no issue. Instead Peggy loses her place working on this account and ditches work to go to the movies. Peggy is one of the hardest workers at SCDP (a fact that she likes to bring up at parties) so this is out of character for her to respond this way. The film she goes to see is Born Free, a film that chronicles a lion cub that is raised in captivity and then released into the wild when it is old enough; this could be considered on the nose but is this a fair representation of Peggy? Read More...


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