Game of Thrones Recap: The High Road’s Very Pretty

Ask and ye shall receive. Just when I was ready to file away "Garden of Bones" as a forgettable, if necessary, bit of narrative groundwork — after all, Daeneryswas going to need to get out of that desert and find a hairbrush at some point — the episode ended with a major jolt of brazen WTF. Congratulations, Melisandre! Your baby Dementor is adorable.

In these first four hours of season two, Game of Thrones has been nudging all of its chess pieces across the board that is Westeros. With the forgivable exceptions of a couple of draggy story lines that felt somewhat tacked-on (the detour at Craster’s Keep, the Daenerys scenes in the Red Waste), the writers have done an elegant job of both shuttling the viewer among the subplots and inching those subplots forward.Meanwhile, even when there wasn’t much dramatic movement on the macro level, the attention paid to the emotional development and inner lives of the characters (Theon in episode two and Arya last week) have made each individual episode compelling. But sometimes it feels like our promised clash of kings is always going to linger on the horizon, just beyond our reach. Winter is coming, but it’s taking its sweet time getting here. Read More...


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