Mad Men Recap: They Weren’t Made for These Times

The title of Sunday’s Mad Men episode was "Far Away Places." Like so many episode titles, and like Mad Men itself, the phrase can be interpreted on many levels. Written by Semi Chellas and series creator Matthew Weiner and directed by exec producer Scott Hornbacher, this episode is a kind of anthology.

It features thematically related short stories about key Mad Men characters, plus a coda. All three episodes deal with different kinds of confinement and the difficulty or impossibility of escaping them. All show characters bumping against the limitations of their lives and lashing out against them, sometimes with purpose and insight, sometimes reflexively and incoherently. Each story reflects the others, sometimes directly, sometimes obliquely. And within each section, scenes, lines, and images reflect scenes, lines, and images from elsewhere in the episode. In fact, more so than most episodes of Mad Men, you could describe this one as a hall of mirrors — a comparison made official by moments in which characters look at actual or figurative reflections of themselves. Read More...


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