'Girls' Recap: 'Vagina Panic'

Show of hands: Who else's roommate walked in on them watching the opening moments of last night's "Girls" and assumed they were indulging in some secret porn obsession? Just me?

With little foreplay or forewarning, "Vagina Panic" opened on Hannah and her hook-up going at it. Like, really going at it. Vigorously. And let's just say I'll never look at my old Cabbage Patch lunchbox the same way after Adam's fantasy of finding 11-year-old Hannah on the side of the street. But, hey, at least he offered her a post-coital Gatorade! Gotta keep up those electrolyte levels!

Meanwhile, in another Brooklyn bedroom, Marnie and Charlie were also having the sex, but with much less enthusiasm. In fact, Marnie was so disgusted by the sight of Charlie that she kept her eyes closed much of the time. A clearly frustrated Charlie complained that he no longer knew how to make love to her, which only seemed to enrage Marnie more. "He's so busy respecting me, he looks right past me," she lamented to Hannah. Read More...



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