The Good Wife Recap: Kalinda Shows Some Fear

Before I get going with the very strong penultimate episode of the season, I just want to acknowledge the truly heroic work you all are doing in the comments section. Fascinating character analysis. But stop talking about quitting the show. You know you’re not going to do it. Why? Because no matter how convoluted the story lines get, the actors are just too freaking good to give up on.

The raise-your-hand-in-praise moment for me this week was Archie Panjabi’s electrifying scene in which Kalinda confronted Lana Delaney. In that one brief encounter, we saw all the attributes that have come to define her — strength, savvy, sexy boots — as well as something new: fear. She tracked down Lana’s unlisted address and within two seconds, managed to both diffuse Lana’s gun-wielding anger and turn her into a quivering mess of desire, panting, and moaning. (We assume this was simply by virtue of being in Kalinda’s presence, unless there was some below-the-belt action we weren’t seeing in the frame.) Kalinda kissed her passionately, and then stopped and rested her forehead against Lana’s. Was it a sign that she wished she could want Lana as much as Lana wants her? Or perhaps her expressing that she just wants to find peace and comfort and love, to stop running, just for a second? Or did she really believe that Lana had talked to Lamond Bishop in order to get Kalinda killed? Read More...


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