Episode 8: Pret-a-poor-J (spoliers)

So little jenny ain't so little anymore with her HUGW stunt in episode 8. Jennie was right to leave to leave Waldorf designs. I'm glad that Jennie is growing up more and being more mature. Her friend Angnus isn't that bad...but theres something about her..that kinda makes you thinks that she's a bit suspious. Will Angnus be one of those friends you can always count on? Or will she leave Jenny in the dust? I thought this episode was really good. Nate and Jennie... wow. I wasn't exspecting that. I mean I know Nate went out with a older women half his age. And not to mention Marcus's mother but Jennie? No way. Dan was pretty mad when he found out. One thing that still gets to me is.... Who is gossip girl?


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