Basketball Wives Season 4: Sexy 36

basketball wives

There are episodes of television that remind you why you started watching that particular show in the first place. Every positive thing that it does gets put on display, while the flaws are either well-masked or eliminated, making for a concentrated bit of televised awesomeness. Though you appreciate good TV any way and anytime you can get it, since a show's quality can precipitously drop at any point, they're best when pulled out during a creatively barren time in the show's run. Like it or not, sometimes you need a reminder of why you like something in the first place.

Paging Basketball Wives - you need an episode like that because what you're putting out right now ain't that cute. Tonight's episode of the VH1 franchise just annoyed the pee out of me from the opening drop-in at the race track to the close out on Evelyn's trash bag pleather catsuit at her birthday party. For one, since when did Basketball Wives turn into product placement central? I don't mind the stars doing commercials for a particular sponsor or the show putting a particular logo on screen, but the past two weeks have been obnoxious with it. Did we really need to have a Dave & Buster's commercial mid-show? Because that's what it felt like, the logo constantly getting panned to, particularly when one of the ladies remarked on what a good time they had and how fun a certain part of their night was. Doing an establishing shot and letting us know where they're at is one thing; turning the show into an infomercial is another. I don't expect Basketball Wives to be drowning in integrity and storytelling, but I do expect them to try and make me get into whatever reality they're trying to present us. The Think Like a Man screening and Dave & Buster's trip took me out of the episode and made the scripted aspect stand out that much more; effective reality TV may have producer nudging on particular set-ups and activities, but it lets its talent and personalities carry the festivities. Read More...


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