The Vampire Diaries, Episode 14 (spoilers)

This episode blew me away. I had been anxiously awaiting the episode to premiere when the promo's came out for it and instantly I knew that it would be good.

I loved the bond that Damen and Elena have for each other. Let's face it, they've become friends. We all saw it when they went to Atlanta together in that one episode.He even said that he would put his trust into her.

Though I have to wonder how Stefan feels about that...I mean back in the 1880's Catherine had some sort of three-some relationship with the Salvatore brothers. And though I know that Elena will probably never agree to be with Damen instead of Stefan, Damen might feel...well a little lonely and jealous that his brother has the perfect dream girl and he doesn't.

By the way, who cried when Damen realized that Catherine wasn't there and when Anna's mother told him that she had managed to leave the tomb...? I know I did. I mean, how crazy is that? It's kinda sad actually. Damen feels as though their love was real, though when really Catherine was alive and knew where he was too but didn't bother let's see pick up the phone and give him a call? Just joking. But seriously, I blubbered like a baby.

Another tear-jerker was when Bonnie's grandmother died. It was kinda obvious though when it clearly looked like she wasn't feeling good.

So, what do you guys think will happen next? I mean, the ending of the episode freaked the freak out of me with the tomb opening because *someone* left blood scattered all over the walls...And what do you think will happen to Damen? Will he stay the same? Will he go into some depression of some sort? In fact, what do you think will happen in general?



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Feb 13, 2010 5:28PM EST

i think that damon will be really sad, elena wants to be there for him and stefan doesn't like it that much. and i hope there will be a kissing scene between damon and elena.caroline and matt are cute together , so it would be nice if there would be more scenes with them.and i guess a lot of people will find out about vampires because of the one that come out of the tomb.


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Feb 17, 2010 12:28AM EST

I tottally would love too se elena and damon together but ya dont see it happening. I think damon is going to go through a really big depression and not care about anyone or the things he does. I also think alot of bad things are going to happen with those other vampires from the tomb!!! and p.s. I heart you damon salvatore.

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