The L.A. Complex Preview: A Fun Take on the Struggling Actor/Musician/Dancer Story

The L.A. Complex technically isn't anything new. In fact, the basic outline - a group of young people trying to make it big in Hollywood - is a story that's been told many times. However, the good news is that The L.A. Complex is good enough to make the classic story enjoyable once again.

We open with one of our stars - Abby - a young Canadian actress trying to make it in Los Angeles. Only it's not going very well for Abby. She's being evicted for not paying her rent moments after her boyfriend back in Toronto is demanding she choose between him and acting.  When her car breaks down on the way to an audition she seeks help from her friend, Tariq, who can't get out of work, but sends Nick along as a guardian angel.  Nick not only helps Abby get her car running again, bhe also scores her a room in "The Lux" motel, a long-term-stay motel filled to the brim with struggling actors and musicians. Read More...


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