'Glee' Recap: Whitney Houston Episode Gets 'So Emotional'

Note: Do not read on if you have not seen Season 3, Episode 17 of Fox's "Glee," entitled "Dance With Somebody."

Just when you think this Whitney Houston tribute of "Glee" was going absolutely nowhere, Burt Hummel appears onscreen and makes everything better. Well, not everything. Even Burt couldn't fix Mr. Schue and his weird obsession with his glee club.

Mr. Schue is absolutely the worst character in the entire show, and honestly, I wish that he was the one graduating and leaving. He's just so creepy. Who would rearrange their entire wedding for their students? Excuse me, but you're supposed to be in love with your soon-to-be-wife, Schue, not your students. This entire situation is just disgusting. and I'm pretty sure that it "Glee" operated in the real world, he would be fired.

Where is Emma's "So You're Marrying A Psycho" pamphlet? She's going to need it.

However, Schue's not the only one having a hard time letting go. The entire glee club is struggling with the realization that in 42 days, school will be over -- and for some, that means moving away and starting anew. Unable to deal with their true feelings, they try to help Mercedes say goodbye to Whitney Houston. Read More...



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