New Girl Recap: Secrets of the Model Dorm

Of all the many professions available to women in this modern-day world, why is Cece a model? Back when New Girl debuted, it seemed like her job was an excuse for Fox to cast someone who was just as hot as Zooey Deschanel. But now that the season is nearly over, that feels like a cynical reading. Clearly, Cece is a model so that the show can give us snippets of life inside the model dorm. After all, how else would we ever get to meet Nadia?

Things we know about Nadia: She was born in Russia. (Jess seems to believe she was kicked out.) She has an inelegant grasp of the English language. She is totally fascinated by Schmidt’s ethnic identity; the first time we see her, she’s clapping her hands and singing, "Jew in the couch!" after he pops out from beneath the cushions. She believes Disney’s most famous character is a rodent named Mick Mouse who flies in a spaceship. And apparently, her vagina contains a right angle. Nadia is not what professors of TV recappology like to call "a well-rounded character," and Lord only knows what Tyra would make of her, but her halting delivery and strange, bloodthirsty fixation on Schmidt were two of this episode’s best elements. Read More...


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