Community “Basic Lupine Urology” Review

Community returned tonight with not only one of the most unique episodes they’ve ever done, but also the funniest with "Basic Lupine Urology". They’ve done lots of "special" episodes in the past, but sometimes I feel like it’s at the expense of the humor. Thankfully, that definitely wasn’t the case with tonight’s parody of Law and Order. It was equal parts hilarious and "special", and even ended with the death of a recurring cast member!

The entire parody here was pitch perfect, and was even better if you’re a fan of Law and Order. Everything from the very first scene, the opening credits sequence, the transitions, the dialogue, and even the way it was shot all were absolutely perfect. Community has parodied things before, with the most recent example being Ken Burns documentaries in "Pillows and Blankets", but it’s never felt as perfect as tonight. Read More... 


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