Grey’s Anatomy “Moment of Truth” Review

It’s a Grey’s Anatomy road trip! Filled with all the fun of a bunch of college freshman on their spring break: bar brawls, puking, sex you immediately regret, except these are all people who are put in charge of cutting other people’s vital organs.

The doctors of Seattle Grace transplanted into San Fransisco were in bad shape.The fact that Meredith was seriously sick and probably in the best shape of the five of them to take the exam just further illustrated what trouble they’re all in.

Alex going back to help Morgan’s baby just didn’t make any sense. He’d been successfully checked out of the situation until the biggest test of his life? He didn’t know Tommy’s most recent problem would be fatal when he got a plane back to Seattle, all he could know was the poor kid had one more thing wrong with him, so what was the rush? It also seemed weird that Arizona didn’t immediately force him to catch a plane back, even if she had to knock him out and drag his unconscious body to the airport. Read More... 


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