The Vampire Diaries “Do Not Go Gentle” Review

Tears, dear reader, tears. There isn’t much to say about this week’s episode of The Vampire Diaries, ‘Do Not Go Gentle’ except that it was pretty amazing. And as in all the great episodes of TVD, ‘amazing’ equals somebody dying. But not for long!

Esther’s grand plan was revealed this week. She’s been grooming (for lack of a better word) Alaric every time he died he for a while now, and she’s warped his mind enough that crazy!Alaric is completely and utterly against vampires. Her plan? First, it’s to make the last ash stake indestructible (by linking it to Alaric’s ring). Secondly, she wants to make him into an original vampire, a hunter like Mikael, so that he can kill Klaus and co. It works too, but not before Alaric commits his final act as a human and kills Esther. (Btw, Esther said he will die when his work is complete, but I’m ignoring that for now.)

After Elena and Jeremy’s goodbyes were done, Alaric found the Scrappy’s gathered outside. What followed was the most gorgeous goodbye scene so far in TVD. I cried, guys. Cried real tears. And then Alaric locked himself inside the crypt and waited for his end. Which was accompanied by a stiff drink and Damon, teary eyed and awesome. But before Damon could euthanize Alaric (for lack of a better word), Bonnie turned up. Read More... 


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