'Survivor: One World': Kim vs. Troyzan - which mastermind comes out on top?


"Survivor: One World" is still Troyzan vs. The Women - can he pull off a huge upset?Reward ChallengeIt sounds like it's a case of the winner getting to pick people to take with them and Kim smartly identifies that sending Troy, Alicia and Christina back to camp together would be a mistake. When they get to the challenge, Alicia hilariously says she has crazier hair than her dummy - yes, she does. She looks like the wildling lady who looks after Bran on "Game of Thrones."The challenge is answering questions about the tribemates. Then you guess what the group said as a whole. When you get one right, you get to chop someone's rope. Every rope has three chops and then it drops their dummies into the fire. The winner gets a picnic.Question 1 is who does not deserve to still be here - group says Christina. Kim, Chelsea and Troy get it right. Kim...



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