Law & Order: SVU Review: The Batman of Soho

You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.

Or you start a crime spree so you can be the hero. Such is the premise of tonight's episode of SVU, "Street Revenge," a dark exploration of vigilante justice. While not as unsatisfying as last week's installment, this episode was not a complete success. But it did offer some stimulating drama between Amaro and his wife.

The moody atmosphere of SVU seemed like an odd place for costumed vigilantes; it seemed a little too lighthearted for such a serious criminal drama. The masked crusaders did react rather violently to suspected rapists, but it just seemed a ridiculous concept. One of them was even named Fantastica. NCIS took on Batman-wannabes earlier this year in "Secrets," but that show has a more relaxed and jokey tone than SVU. Read More...


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