'America's Next Top Model: British Invasion' Recap: Hello Kitty, Goodbye Sanity

I'd be exhibiting the TV recapper's form of tunnel vision if I didn't address the "big" Top Model news of the week: That, shockingly to us but apparently not so much to them, after this cycle Nigel Barker, Jay Manuel and Miss J will no longer be a part of the show. Yes, Tyra's two right-hand gays and one left-hand Brit got the HR equivalent of her infamous elimination speech. And it went a little something like, "I only have one contract in my hands, that that contract belongs to ... Kelly Cutrone." Ugh, Kelly Cutrone. If I could ask Nigel anything, it would be how he feels to know that she was deemed more essential to the judging panel than he was.

Except I'm sure Nigel knows, just like we know, that this decision has nothing to do with what's "essential," in the truest sense, to Top Model. If Tyra made decisions that way, she would be more committed to making her modeling show more modeling centric. And she would NOT have done away with the three (well, two, and to a slightly lesser extent, Nigel) most appealing, most fabulous, most entertaining mainstays on her show. She claims that she fired her main men because the show needs a "new boost." That's like saying your house needs a spring cleaning, and then driving your car through the front door.



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