Fairly Legal “Teenage Wasteland” Review – Is Everyone (Gasp!) Starting to Get Along?

In this episode of Fairly Legal, called "Teenage Wasteland," Kate is asked to help out an old friend at her old school. Her former BFF is headmistress at Burgess Hall, a school that they both used to hate and now there’s a student there who’s been accused of cheating. Kate feels for Eliza and is convinced she’sinnocent, especially when the girl says that her teacher started a relationship with her. So the tables get turned and soon Kate is on the warpath against the teacher, which is great until he claims Eliza is lying. At that point I was so turned around I didn’t know who was guilty of what but Kate of course is way ahead of all of them and finally figures out that Wade and Eliza were in on it together and wanted to see how much money they could squeeze out of the school. Read More...



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