Grimm “Leave It To Beavers” Review – The Most Awkward Dinner Party Ever!

This episode of Grimm might as well have just been called "Nick and Monroe are the worst liars in the entire world and Juliet is really gullible for believing anything they said". I guess that title was a little too long and didn’t actually go with the plot of "Leave it to Beavers", so I’ll forgive the writers just this once.

Before I touch on the funny parts of tonight’s episode of Grimm, let’s talk about the actual creature case that Nick (David Giuntoli) is solving. We open with guest star David Zayas drowning some poor guy in some concrete with the witty one liner: "I hear you drown yourself in your work… let me help you." It was at this point that my Italian roots kicked in and I knew that Salvadore was going to be a character I could get on board with.

Cut to a 911 call by this nervous guy named Arnold who saw the entire cement body cast go down. Needless to say, Arnold is a little nervous. We find out that he’s also a creature, and friends (possibly related to, I’m unclear) of Buddy, the beaver thing that came to help repair Nick’s door and bring him presents a few episodes back. Arnold goes into hiding without giving the cops his name, and without him as a witness, Salvadore is going to get off scott free. Read More... 


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