Mad Men “At the Codfish Ball” Review

The men took a backseat in "At the Codfish Ball," this week’s episode of Mad Men, and the ladiesstepped forward, including Sally Draper who hasn’t taken center stage for awhile, but is growing up before our very eyes. Megan’s French father might have hilariously mixed up his English when he told Don that all daughters eventually spread their legs and fly away, but the message still got through.

While I was glad to see that Sally has been defying her mother and secretly keeping in contact with Glen, I have to say that I find his character just as creepy now as when he walked in on Betty in the bathroomback in season one. Sally has always been much more her father’s daughter than her mother’s, so it should come as no surprise that she lies with the greatest of ease, and even goes so far as to blame her brother for sending their step-grandmother to the hospital. What does she get in return? A trip to the city to stay with her father. Lying reaps rewards. Read More... 


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