Glee “Choke” Review

Tonight, on a very special Glee…the girls learn an important lesson about domestic abuse. Should I be joking about such a serious topic? Absolutely not. But neither should Glee strike us out of nowhere with "Choke," one of the most depressing episodes of the show that I can think of off the top of my head.

What are we supposed to take away from this hour of television? Dreams don’t always come true because no matter how hard you prepare for something, there’s always the possibility that you will screw up royally? Cramming (and jamming) the night before won’t guarantee you an A on the most important test of your life? Abused spouses usually forgive their abusers?

Okay, so all of these things are true, but Glee is a show that only does well with reality in small doses. When too much of the real world encroaches on the happy song world Will has created, something always feels off. It’s like a balancing act. There can be one truth of the week (bullying/texting while driving/cheating is bad), but if there’s two or three, I suddenly feel a lot less willing to buy into the power of song. Read More... 


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