NCIS “Playing With Fire” Review – Things Are Really Heating Up!

This season of NCIS seems to be wrapping up with a four-parter of sorts. Starting with last week’s episode, we now continue the story about a terrorist using fire as a weapon of terror on the Navy. In this one, called "Playing with Fire," the team continues the search for the man responsible. The case takes Tony and Ziva international again, sending them to Italy to team up with none other than Stan Burley.

I have to say that so far this four-parter is really impressing me and I’m loving all the elements that came into it. We got to see McGee go out and cover a case on his own for a bit (aw, our Probie is growing up), plus Tony, Ziva and Burley going undercover as Navy crew. Abby of course had her important role toplay and even Ducky had some personal issues that needed to be dealt with, bringing him into the storyquite nicely. Above it all, Gibbs ran everything and by the end – when he declared Dearing the new number one most wanted – I could feel his blood boiling in a way that it feels like we haven’t seen since he was up against Ari. Read More... 


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