New Girl “Backslide” Review

What is a "Backslide"? According to Schmidt in this week’s episode of New Girl, it’s what happens right after a break-up when the dumper starts having doubts, and tries to get the dumpee to forgive him/her and get back together. It’s exactly what the guys feared Jess was going to do in the wake of her break-up with Russell…and it’s exactly what Nick is doing with Caroline in spite of everyone, including his past self, trying to help him out.

But rather than backsliding into Russell’s beautiful arms, Jess went even farther back and ended up sleeping with Paul, who later revealed that he has a new girlfriend who looks exactly like Jess, only Asian. Fortunately, he was appropriately contrite for having turned Jess into a Monica Lewinsky (an adorkably dated reference, yet appropriate for people of my generation who came of age during that scandal). Thanks to a sweet speech from Jess, which showed just how far she’s come since her own heartbreak at the beginning of the season, Paul not only got his girlfriend to forgive him, she agreed to marry him. Read More... 


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