'Parks and Recreation': 11 awesome moments from 'The Debate'


How did we love Thursday's (April 26) episode of "Parks and Recreation," "The Debate," written and directed by Amy Poehler? Let us count the (many) ways.1. Every bit of physical comedy by Paul Rudd. We're rooting against Bobby Newport, because this is Leslie's show and he's the privileged, unqualified front-runner. But Rudd has made Bobby kind of an endearing doofus -- there's no way we'd want him on the city council if we lived in Pawnee, but he's not really a bad guy, just a clueless one. The way Bobby walked off the stage at the end of the debate, bobbing his head and shoulders, almost reminded us of a Muppet. Excellent, excellent stuff.2. Buddy Garrity! "Friday Night Lights" alum Brad Leland played gun enthusiast Fester Trim (love that name) in the episode, and he made the most of his limited screen time. We're not sure we're in favor of concussion grenades in our movie...



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