Community Recap: Pam the Yam

Sometimes Community is really deep and inspires conversation about its many layers of Inception–style tomfoolery. And sometimes it’s just a hell of a lot of fun, boldly going to pop-culture-skewing places few network sitcoms dare go. "Basic Lupine Urology" was in the latter category, a Law & Order parody with panache. Every little detail of L&O was satirized, beginning with a special version of the opening credits that repurposed Community’s theme song like it was meant to be heard in true L&O style: while sick. Or vacuuming.

Though the vibe of the episode was clear from the get-go, the subject matter lent itself to the full-on procedural treatment. The study group’s final project for Professor Kane’s biology class, a yam sitting in a jar of water, had been destroyed. Kane agreed to cut the group some slack and award them a decent grade, but Annie, who’s really had her time in the spotlight over the last few episodes, wasn’t content with receiving a C. She made Kane agree to give the group an A if they could find the real culprit. Well, she never got him to officially say that, but she figured as much. And in what I’m now calling the Community conceit given how often it happens, the group agreed to go along for the ride if it proved to be (a) entertaining, and (b) FRIENDSHIP! Read More...


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