American Idol Recap: The Mercy Kill

Now that we’ve lived through The Save and The Shocking Vote-Off, we will spend the next few weeks in the stage of American Idol I call The Purging of the People You Knew Couldn’t Win (culminating in the annual Week Where the Most Talented Singer Looks Like They Might Make It to the Final, But Nope They’re in Third). So, while you don’t know exactly what’s coming, you know what’s coming. It will take one hour.

I’m happy to report that there is a high level of discomfort in the first ten minutes. Ryan Seacrest greets the crowd with a series of handshakes, leaving one poor girl hanging for a long moment before she addresses the crowd with a "what ya gonna do" shoulder-shrug, thereby displaying more ease with improvisation in five seconds than Randy Jackson has in eleven years. Then we get a shot of the contestants’ couch, and there is a space between the rest of the gang and Elise. We realize fairly quickly that that’s Ryan’s seat, but after last night’s cold Idols-dishing-Elise package, I initially think, Man, these kids do not like her. And then the Ford music video is a tribute to standing around awkwardly. Oh, and we visit the TMZ offices, because that’s a thing now. The first part of this show is making me so deeply uncomfortable, I think I might be related to it. Read More...


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