Sailor moon

I like the original episodes (with the English subtitles included of coarse)... It gives it more of a home-y/originality feeling to it, and on the bright side, I learn bits and pieces of phrases in a new language. Which is always nice.... Anyways I will like to thank everybody who put up links to all of these Sailor moon episodes. I know that it takes a lot of time and dedication!!!!!!!---Thank you.... As for the show, I do recall watching it through out my childhood. It brings back so many childhood memories... I do recall having all of those special gadgets, that they made into toys... :)... sadly I don't have anymore :(.. I remember my friends and I use to pretend to be sailor scouts and go on missions.. So fun!!!! Especially in those days we were able to roam outside in our front yard without worry that we would we kidnapped, and we could stay out until it was pitch black..... once again thanks.



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