Survivor: One World “It’s Gonna Be Chaos” Review

Survivor: One World returned tonight with "It’s Gonna Be Chaos", an entertaining episode as we see the girls really turn towards each other with the absence of any men on the tribe. Oh wait, Tarzan’s still in the game? Oh…well that’s awkward.

After some perplexing posturing by Alicia after getting home from tribal (You’re the most powerful person in the game?), we got right into the tear-jerking visits from the family. As soon as everybody professes their undying love to Sprint, we get to meet the family members of the remaining castaways. Every single season of Survivor they do the same thing, and every single time it gets me, man. I was this close to crying when everybody was reunited with their loved ones, and it always gives you a great perspective of the contestants as you see a different side of them come out. Seeing the usually prickly Chelsea melt into a little girl when she sees her dad was so heartwarming, and Kat seeing her cousin really brought the weirdo out of her! I’ve seen a lot of funny meetings between survivors and their family members, but I’ve never seen anybody crawl like that! Read More... 


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