Modern Family “Planes, Trains and Cars” Review

Compared to a lot of other family sitcoms, the characters on Modern Family spend quite a bit of time in their cars. I suppose it’s only natural that a show set in Los Angeles would include daily commutes as part of their standard family time, but tonight’s episode, "Planes, Trains and Cars" took transportation beyond the standard commute.

There was a heavy slice-of-life feeling to this episode. Outside of Jay, Gloria and Manny’s travel fiasco (which included attempts at boarding small aircraft, freight trains, and helicopters) the rest of the characters were wrapped up in very normal stories.

Rather than continuing his usual lease on a new sedan, Andre was able to convince Phil to buy a used convertible. Alex immediately recognized the car for the midlife crisis it signaled, while Haley automatically assumed the car would be for her. Claire was so stupefied by her shock and anger that the only reaction she could muster was an unblinking admission that the car was "beautiful." Realizing that the car wasn’t practical for his normal work day, Phil ended up swapping cars with Claire for a day. Read More... 


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